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The "Excavation" frame serves to input the depth of a construction ditch h [m] and by pressing the button to select the shape of the ditch base in front of sheeting structure. The selected shape with a graphic hint appears in the left part of the frame. The dimensions of a structure can be edited either in the frame by inserting values into input fields, or on the desktop with the help of active dimensions.

The frame also allows to specify ditch bottom surcharge or a thickness of layer of landfill of soil below the ditch bottom (the soil can be selected from a combo list containing soils input in the frame "Soils"). When introducing the landfill of soil with braced sheeting it is assumed that there is a sheeted structure in the location of landfill of soil, i.e., all pressures are acting on the entire width of a structure as above the construction ditch base.

In this frame it's possible to input strenghtening of the soil at the heel of sheeting structure. The principle of calculation is described in more detail herein.

Frame "Excavation"

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