Install and Configure the Network Service

To enable configuration of network keys on the server from other computers on the network, you need to install FineLicNetService on the server. Installation is done by the Fine License Customer on the "Service FineLicNetService" tab.

Network service installation

This tab displays information about whether the service is running.

  • By clicking on "Find out available version of the service", the available version of the service will be found on the Internet and will be displayed
  • The "Download and install the service" button downloads the current version from the Internet, installs, runs on the appropriate port, and adds a rule to the Windows Firewall to communicate with the service
  • With the "Uninstall the service" button, the service stops and uninstalls, the rule in the Windows Firewall is removed

Fine License Customer communicates with the HTTP SOAP protocol on port 51727. In exceptional cases, you can modify the port with the "Change" button in the "Network (TCP) port of the service" window. This must be set both on the server before the service is installed and on client computers before the key is updated.

Input port No.

If it is necessary to install the service on a server that is not connected to the Internet, you can download service from the Fine pages (www.finesotware.eu, Support, Download, Drivers for Keys). Run in in Admin mode

  • for installation: FineLicNetSvc.exe /FINE_INSTALL [/PORT=n]
  • for uninstallation: FineLicNetSvc.exe /FINE_UNINSTALL